Custom Motorcycle License Plate Frames

Retail: $39.99

The kit includes: blank, brushed aluminum license plate frame, clear plastic panel, and (4) stainless steel screws with nuts and washers.

Our custom aluminum motorcycle aluminum license plate frames are the best looking frames you can buy. They include everything you need for mounting, and also include a clear plastic panel that can be placed in front of or behind the license plate. The large frame is 8.5in X 4.9in and the small frame is 7.75in X 4.15in. The base frame comes with a brushed aluminum finish with no engraving. Polishing, engraving, and letter coloring services are available below to customize your plate.

Engraving Service - $20.00
Up to 20 text/numerical characters per line, including spaces. Text will appear in all upper-case. We reserve the right to refuse engraving service involving obscene or crude language.

Black In Engraved Letters - $1.00

Polishing Service - $20.00

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