Bushing Replacement Kit

Complete Kit: $73.99
Bushing Length
The kit includes: Bushing Tool, Reamer and Reamer Handle, and (3) new copper bushings. Additional bushings also sold seperately.

Our clutch drums tend to significantly outlast the copper bushings installed in them, so Andrew's Racing is now offering a Bushing Replacement Kit. You no longer have to buy a new clutch drum because your bushing wore out. The kit also works for any clutch drum for the Yamaha KT100 2 cycle engine.

Bushings come cut in the lengths below. If you need bushings in a length other than those listed, please call to special order.

PLEASE NOTE: Bushing length is not critical. Bushings that are too long can be sanded down and bushings that are too short will still work if installed properly.
.565" Long Bushings best fit Horstman HDC 3 & 4, L&T Mini, Tomar TD-23 / Stellar, and most wet-clutch Clutch Drums
.615" Long Bushings best fit Horstman HDC 5 Clutch Drums

Additonal Replacement Bushings

Set of 3: $9.99
Bushing Length

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